Indifare Award Winner

Director and producer Name

Demeter Lorant

About Director

Director – Richard Goss

Film Overview

A psychotic call-centre worker and a depressed waiter struggle with minimum wage life in London, delving deeper into their alcohol and drug-fuelled violent fantasies, blurring the lines between reality and madness.

“Fried is a true masterpiece” Milan Independent Awards
“An exceptional debut” The Polish Sage
“A psychological thriller like Fight Club” Indie Activity
“Hectic and heart-racing” Film Review Club
“A gritty, surrealist look at minimum-wage life in London” Big Picture Film Club
“Following in the footsteps of Beckett and Pinter; Richard Goss’ Fried is a new breed of enterprise” Film Authority
“Sets new benchmarks in the industry.” Springtime International Film Festival

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