Don’t Forget the Champagne

Indifare Award Winner

Writer Name

Vitor Reis, Helena Martins, Ana Carolina Machado, Rodrigo Ribeiro

Director Name

Vitor Reis

Producer Name

Mamirawá, Vitor Reis,

Cast and crew member’s

Heraldo de Deus, Luane Souto, Caio Vlasak, Gabriel Santiago, Ananda Ikishima, Diana Magnavita, Luana Rocha, Gabriel Bispo

About Director

Vitor, who originally graduated in engineering from UFBA, always had cinema as his biggest dream, a path he started to take in 2021 when he joined the interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts course also at UFBA. In 2022 Vitor released his first short film “Nó na Garganta” discussing relevant topics such as bullying and its effects on everyone who participates in this process. Selected in more than 5 international festivals, it received an honorable mention at the Student Impact Film Festival held in the United States.

Film Overview

A social thriller that features a newlywed couple who, after receiving daily gifts from the groom’s boss, leave for a honeymoon in a hotel that seems to have more to reveal than they imagined. The story touches on the tension that exists when black people find themselves alone in predominantly white places.

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