Dreams of the Collective

Indifare Award Winner

Director Writer and Producer Name

Kathleen Renee Krenitsky

Writer Name

Robert Gryczke

Cast and crew member’s

Weyoun Krenitsky

About Writer

Independent filmmaker Kathleen Krenitsky, current resident of Naples, Florida, began her career in the hard sciences with additional sojourns as an internationally ranked kickboxer and service dog trainer. With Dreams of the Collective standing as her third film project, her work focuses on explorations of the illusory nature of space and time with an appreciation of the surrounding joy. Although all directions have led her to be here today, she still can’t explain how it happened.

Film Overview

Journey into the mind of the collective unconscious, as dreams are explored and the nature of reality is questioned. Will we ever know what dogs dream? Thought may give experience its name, but the knowing is shared.

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