Feed The Reapers

Indifare Award Winner

Director and Producer Name

Gero Samrey

Writer Name

Robert Gryczke

Cast and crew member’s

Susen Ermich, Anni Adler, Daniel Brach, Matthias Moloch Schmidt, Fredderik Collins

About Writer

Director – Gero Samrey

Film Overview

Kim (Susen Ermich) and Denny (Daniel Brach) are looking for that certain kick. The story of the mysterious death of a young girl drives her into the rooms of an abandoned sanatorium in the middle of the forest. The thirst for adventure quickly turns into a death throes as blood and madness materialize in the form of the Reaper (Moloch). And dying is not a solution.

At the same time, the brilliant and maniacal scientist Doctor Hoffman (Fredderik Collins) prepares an experiment to test the ultimate cure. A gift for mankind – hell for patients. Volunteers ahead!

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