Hide for Your Life

Indifare Finalist

Director, Writer, Producer Name

Rick Gregory

Cast and crew member’s

Brandon Letts, Will Ellison, Kya Smith

About Director

Director – Rick Gregory

Film Overview

“Next up on my list of new videos is this little, silent comedy, featuring some of my veteran actors, Brandon Letts, Will Ellison, and my three new, awesome actresses Tracie Sperling, Kya Smith, and Connor Brady”. The Director tagged me on this one. Thanks for the shout out Rick Gregory.

Here is a video reel of one of my scenes. Loved how I was featured in this preview. Running as a scared little girl in the woods called “Hide for Your Life”. I was the main character being chased by a guy in a M&M costume. A silent comedy. I wanted to scream but couldn’t because I was frozen in fear.

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