Indifare Award Winner

Director Name

 Sean G Smith, Susan Touch, Deepti Arora, Ajay Targotra, Nicholas Duke, Paddy Sivanandan, John Wonnacott, Ajith Kumar, Jasper Sonnak, James Dwyer

Writer Name

Jasper Sonnak

Producer Name

Sean G Smith

Cast and Crew member’s

Hannah Foldi, Jim Lavranos, Simon Payne, Tiffany Cazzolato, Beverley Sheppard, Sharrayah Temita, Bhanu Minhas, Regan James

About Writer

I never have thought about making a short film until a friend of mine told me about a film course in Melbourne. So I enrolled in the course which was 4 months long and this year 2022 I have completed the Melbourne Director Film Certificate with Distinction. I am still fairly new to the film industry but I am keen to keep on learning and taking part in filming a story that would be shared to the world.

Film Overview

A young woman struggles to find herself after the pandemic era.

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