I am the Wanderer

Indifare Finalist

Director and Producer Name

Philip Brocklehurst

Writer Name

Jonathan Skye-O’Brien,

Cast and Crew member’s

Zuzana Spacirova, Jonathan Skye-O’Brien, Zuzana Spacirova, Marie Browne, Stephan Ortlepp

About Writer

Born in the United Kingdom in 1990, ever since he was a kid and first saw movies like RoboCop and The Terminator, Philip Brocklehurst has been a huge admirer and lover of movies, fascinated with the skill that goes into creating a powerful and compelling work of art. An admiration and love that has grown into a passion for creating movies of his own, expressing his own views, thoughts and feelings onto the screen. His biggest inspiration with his work is Polish director Walerian Borowczyk with his unique style to filmmaking. A bold and original director he greatly respects and admires.

Film Overview

A young man wanders between hope and despair.

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