I See You

Indifare Finalist

Director and Producer Name

Kristen Desantis, Corey Davis

Writer Name

Kristen Desantis

Cast and Crew member’s

Taylor Entrekin, Kristen Desantis, Corey Davis, Jake Hanes

About Director

Kristen DeSantis is currently a film major at Clayton State University devoting her studies to Film Production. She is a very organizable and reliable person, hence the reason she aims to become a production accountant and/or manager. Despite being a cinematographer for a few shorts, her ultimate goal has always been to handle money for productions.

Film Overview

How far can a man go to get the girl of his dreams? Is it love that he is after? Is it lust? Is he even a man at this point? Could he be an incel? The human brain is a very complex organ as it serves as the moral compass of human behavior. These are the questions that a man is struggling to answer in this short thriller film, I See You. This is his

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