In the Flow of Harmony / Harmony of a Feather

Indifare Finalist

Director Writer Name

Robert Erniso

Producer Name

Rachel Washington

Cast and crew member’s

Shawndel MontesDeOca, Megan Felise, Hamed Walizad, Marvin Grays, Sean D. Vasquez, Eric Stodahl, Kendra Hearns, Gary Hardnett, Chauncey Trask, India Williams, Taylor Mae, Gwendoyln Yvonne Smith

About Director

Director – Robert Erniso

Film Overview

Famed contemporary jazz saxophonist Charles Ellington is secretly struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction since his rise to fame, not taking his fame so well, Charles has hidden this addiction especially the ones who is closest to him, but not knowing what lies ahead is his premature death before his very first international breakthrough tour, after his premature death Charles gets another surprise as he is visited by the Grimm Reaper, which turns out to be a very special someone from his past.

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