Indifare Finalist

Writer Name

Peter Mayfield

About Director

Peter Mayfield resides in London. He writes screenplays in the action and horror genres. Several of his scripts have placed and won awards at screenwriting contests and film festivals. Peter has also written a number of horror themed Novellas. He has studied the martial arts for over thirty-five years teaching in both the UK and USA. Peter has been a teacher for over eighteen years, with the last five years teaching inner-city teenagers. He advocates a deep belief in creativity and the importance of morals and ethics in both his teaching and writing. Peter has trained with Roadmap Writers, the London Film Academy and the British Action Academy.

Film Overview

A young honeymooning couple are stalked on the deserted highways of Arizona by a sadistic killer. When her husband goes missing and she is taken hostage, the wife must find the strength and courage to take on the sadistic killer, before her husband becomes the next victim.

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