Indifare Finalist

Director Writer and Producer Name

Kae Fujisawa

Writer Name

Bruce Bonafede

Producer Name

Elena D Clark

Cast and crew member’s

Elena D Clark,

Elena D Clark, Kenneth Scott Thompson, Samuel Barnes Jaffe

About Writer

Kae Fujisawa, originally from Japan, is a director, actor, signer, and playwright who is active in NYC. Her directorial works include The American Dream and A Delicate Balance by Edward Albee (Zoom productions, 2021), Falling Awake by Matthew Davis (Zoom production, 2020), 7 Shitty Hombres by Ellen DeLisle (HB Playwrights Theatre, 2019), Therapy by Susan Jane McDonald (John Cullum Theatre at ATA, 2019), among others. Kae’s first short film Lullaby won Best Short-Suspense Award at the Culver City Film Festival in L.A. (2019). Kae studied full-time at HB Studio from 2017 to 2020. She studied classical singing. Kae received a PhD in Musicology from CUNY Graduate Center and taught Music History at Hunter College. Her passion is to create theater/film/song by her own hand in collaboration.

Film Overview

Brussels. 1848. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are writing their Communist Manifesto. Then Marianne shows up…

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