Indifare Finalist

Director Writer and Producer Name


Director Biography – Joanna&rubens

About Director

20 years of relevant experience in Muisc,SFX,Game Design, 2D / 3D Animated Film, UI / UE, VR / AR, Interactive & Digital Media designers, 3D Modelling Design, Matte painting Design, Background Design, Rendering & Texturing Design, Lighting, Rendering Storyboard Design, Visual effects, Compositing, Music Design.Artist:Joanna.Rubens.Irene

Film Overview

The sound is produced by the vibration of the object, and all the environment has its own unique sound, through the listening, collecting unique environmental sound, to strengthen the visual experience, visual art creators and sound art creators mutual agitation, the use of different Computer program applications, and sound together to create a unique space and imagination. Through the concrete observation, abstractly express the inner feelings of the environment, in fact, it is more like a concrete process, the use of “string” and “line” similarity, trying to show our eyes of the concrete landscape, but this Concrete landscape, combined with daily experience, resulting in inner emotional resonance, through the sound sculpture into the species of the body. In the chaos of civilization to pursue spiritual transcendence, small and living in the world we seek spiritual transcendence, art is one of the ways. From different environments and cultural context collage sound fragments, cross-border classical, contemporary, the next three sides of each other winding resonance, continuous shape, derivative, generation.

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