Indifare Finalist

Director Name

Leena Pukki, Jenni Venäläinen

Writer Name

Leena Pukki, Jenni Venäläinen

Producer Name

Jenni Venäläinen, Leena Pukki

Cast and crew member’s

Jenni Venäläinen, Riina Hosio

Film Overview

There are stories where the old dance melkutus was danced for many days and nights. Once a young woman had been dancing melkutus for three days and nights and eventually died. Some people saw devils’ or horses’ legs among the dancers. A maid, coming home from the dance, had one time seen a devil and didn’t go to the dance anymore.

Besides the traditional theme, there’s also internal one: The main character escapes from anxiety by partying. However, she has to eventually face her inner opponent.

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