My Maradona

Indifare Award Winner

Director and Writer Name

Mari C. Campos

Producer Name

Kari Haugan

Abo,ut Director

Born in San Antonio,Chile. Moved to Norway with her parents in 1987. Educated at the University of Bergen, NOROFF ans Westerdals OSLO ACT. She has completed five short narratived movies. Her most recent graduation production was in 2015 nominated to the Next Nordic Generation award at the Norwegian International Film Festival Haugesund.

Film Overview

Marid and his daughter Junah live in a refugee asylum center. They talk about bringing Grandma to Norway, and Junah dreams of becoming a footballer in order to do just that. Instead of fairytales, Marid tells Junah about his childhood hero Maradona. Marid is approached by the asylum centers´ senior employer, and receives an offer he can´t refuse, thinking this might get him to gather his family.

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