No Air for Angels

Indifare Award Winner

Director and Writer Name

Erin Elizabeth

Producer Name

Vita Esperança Amore, Michael Blue, Richard J. Lee

Cast and crew member’s

Joey Marie Urbina, Joaquin Garay III, James London

About Writer

Erin Elizabeth’s work dissects the varied intersections between the phenomenon of identity and objectively perceived worlds via film, intermedia, drawing & painting. Raised in the UAE & Saudi Arabia, her creative beginnings in the U.S. sparked when she worked as a tattoo artist in Los Angeles. Tattooing attending university, Erin transitioned from a tattooist upon graduating with a B.A. in Film Production and B.A. in Fine Arts. Since graduating Erin has worked as an artist and filmmaker in Los Angeles. Working in film & television art departments within roles from production designer to prop master and working everywhere from New York to Kazakhstan. Her imaginative eye has often led her to work within many art & production design teams her expertise has now expanded into directing. She began creating music videos for local artists and soon Grammy nominated artists such as Terrace Martin and rapper Problem. Later she directed the short film Capacity with Victoria Pedretti (You, The Haunting) in 2019 and in 2021 wrote and directed No Air for Angels starring Joey Marie Urbina (Snowfall). Her next film Create to Destroy is in pre-production set to shoot in summer 2023.

Film Overview

Laird goes to great lengths to bring her estranged father-in-law back into America in order to repair what’s left of her fragmented family and keep those she loves close. Fighting painful memories she holds onto a hopeful future even if it questions her own sanity and forces her to face irrevocable losses.

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