Indifare Finalist

Director and Writer Name

zev howley

Producer Name

zev howley, Dennis Vossos

Cast and Crew member’s

Elise O rafferty

About Director

Based in Melbourne, Zev Howley is an internationally award-winning independent filmmaker with over thirty years experience in the industry. His films include Sarah’s Jihad, Broken Superman, Walkman, The Enlightened State of Tara, Who is the Sonic Manipulator?, The Calling, I Think She Said Her Name Was and Restart. Zev also directed Last Supper of the Damned, an independent feature written by Dion Vossos, which won the Orson Welles Award at the California Film Awards in 2016.

Zev has won a multitude of awards both locally and internationally. His latest short film Restart (2019) has had success in many diverse categories, domestically and abroad.

Film Overview

Samantha’s life revolves around her phone and social media. She doesn’t notice the beauty and misses the opportunities that surround her. After an encounter with a mysterious stranger she’s given a new lease on life. This film explores what her world would be like if she could control her self-destructive excesses.

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