Seeking the Lost Ones

Indifare Award Winner

Director and writer and Producer Name

Michael Teutsch

About Director

Michael Teutsch

D.O.P. (Director of Photography ) BVK (German Society of Cinematographers)
Since 1970;

Author & Filmmaker since 1996.

Films produced, directed, written, camera by M. Teutsch:

Here they call us Turks (2001)
Siglinde and Hayo von Kentzingen gave up their secure basis of living in Germany and took part in a worldwide migration. For ten years now they live on La Palma, one of the Canary Islands.
They consider themselves as foreigners who were not invited by the local people to live on their island.
This documentary tells the story of departure und arrival, vision and reality, and the beginning of a new career.

Sound of Freedom (2003/2004)
Helmut Kolditz was a MIG 21 jet pilot and Wing Commander in the East German Air Force. His salary was well above the average, he was irreversible and indispensable.
After the German reunification he lost his rank, his position and salary.
Helmut Kolditz gives a profound insight of his life as a privileged officer in the Communist Air-Force: ideology, pride, sportsmanship, and gaining an intriguing, almost naive pleasure when flying his beautiful but lethal weapon, the MIG 21.
This documentary film tells us how the former jet-pilot and party secretary judges his life to day – sixteen years after the fall of the wall that had separated Germany for nearly thirty years.

Film Overview

My father Rudolf Teutsch was an early member of the NSDAP, later a soldier and in the Waffen SS. After he never wanted to talk to me about this past, his second wife gave me information about his life over 40 years ago.
In 2021, I re-enacted this conversation with an actress in a reading and confronted it with the statements of six Jews from France, Germany and Israel about their life stories, which they confided in me.
Their descriptions are integrated into the historical context of emigration to Palestine, child transports to England, the Nuremberg Race Laws, persecution and deportation, up to the founding of Israel in 1948.
The film also shows how different their encounters with the post-war world in Germany were, and how life in Israel is for them today.
Thus the closing words of the 94-year-old Alex Fried, touched by the centuries-old connection of Jews to European culture, his feeling of seeing himself as a citizen of the world, his desire to contribute to a better world.

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