The Fallen Elves

Indifare Finalist

Director Writer and Producer Name

Kenneth Perkins

Cast and crew member’s

Christopher Breazeale, Julie Hopkins, Bryson McCollum, Rachael Perkins, Adam Cowart, Johnsy Hopkins

About Director

Born November 1982 in Augusta, Georgia. Grew up with a passion for Blockbuster trips to see that next great flick! Started screenwriting around 19 while serving in the Marine Corps. Attended college at Augusta State University. After marrying at 30, I started teaching Spanish at the High School level a few years later. Over the last several years, I have become heavily invested in indie filmmaking gear now that technology allows us to create at much cheaper prices. I desire to bring my scripts and stories to life through film.

Film Overview

A young boy’s mother reads a story on Y2K Christmas Eve about the mysterious Fallen Elves banished from the North Pole. Could this story from their deep ancestry hold some truth? Jack soon finds that some Christmas fables are better left shelved.

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