The Family Forest

Indifare Official Selection

Crew Member’s Name

Louis C Mouchet

Film Overview

Epigenetics and psychogenealogy ​through a VERY personal experience The revealing of a family unconscious that is transmitted through generations and weighs on our existence has been done synchronously by different personalities (Anne Ancelin-Schützenberger, Bert Hellinger, Alexandro Jodorowsky…). While epigenetic studies show that traumatic events can change the genome makeup, it is unclear how these “unfinished stories” are passed down through the generations. But the healing results are there.​Filmmaker Louis Mouchet attests to these benefits through various experiences in his life: • The production and the follow-up of his film The Jodorowsky Constellation • A deep genealogical introspection following the death of his mother and the simultaneous birth of his first child, • An intense session with Romanian therapist Cristina Schmidt​ … the making of this film which was therapy in itself!

About Director

Independent film-maker, audiovisual consultant​for international companies & organisations​London International Film School graduate Selected filmography : THE FAMILY FOREST SANTA SHAKTI RROMANI SOUL EVERY DAY, MIXED & OTHERS, music videos BLUES ROAD MOVIE THE SECRET, TV documentaries on traditional healers ONCE UPON A TIME CHRISTMAS, TV documentary on Christmas traditions THE JODOROWSKY CONSTELLATION ADOLPHE APPIA, VISIONARY OF THE INVISIBLE THE PRESENCE, portrait of actor FRANÇOIS SIMON


How do you choose your star cast?

The film is indeed a very personal experience, I have chosen to reflect on my own life because I had the conviction that it is the best way to talk about psychogenealogy and have the viewers involved.

How tough it is for a producer to keep the budget unaffected?

Not tough I have done it all on my own

Who are your filmmaking influencers?

I find inspiration in every film I watch

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