The Onara Marshes Park

Indifare Award Winner

Director Name

Gianluca Doremi

Writer Name

Gianluca Doremi, Eva Carraro

Producer Name

Gianluca Doremi, Eva Carraro

Cast and Crew member’s

Lorenzo Sirio Doremi

Abo,ut Director

Gianluca Doremi was born on 13 December 1969 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, where he still lives. During his childhood he developed and manifested a passion for the “small world” that led him to discover nature with the enthusiasm that only a child can have. In 2010 he began photographing and filming the world of insects and other arthropods, and since 2015 he has expanded his passion by making short documentaries not only about the world of insects but also about the environment and history that characterise the plains of north-eastern Italy.
In 2022 he finished his first “long” documentary after about three years of filming entitled “Il Parco della Palude di Onara” (The Onara Marshes Park).

Film Overview

The documentary “The Onara Marshes Park” takes us on a journey inside the Park and highlights its naturalistic aspects, recounting what can be encountered in these habitats, from the small world of invertebrates to mammals, passing through the plant world, recounting, as far as possible, moments of life and peculiarities that are not always visible.
The documentary also seeks to highlight some little-known historical aspects of this place, home of the Ezzelini, a well-known Venetian family, who managed to conquer a large part of north-eastern Italy in the 13th century.
The uniqueness of this documentary lies in the fact that it was made with the work of only four people (music aside) from 2017 to 2022, even if you have to subtract the two years of Covid.
These people are:
the director, Gianluca Doremi, the director of photography, Eva Carraro, 3D manager and interpreter of Ezzelino III, Lorenzo Doremi and the narrator and audio consultant, Davide Glerean.
A work made with passion, totally self-produced, which led this work to win or be awarded at over thirty international festivals, and which far exceeded the expectations of the makers.

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