Tightrope Walker

Indifare Finalist

Director and Producer Name

Terry Mills, Kali Williams

Writer Name

Jessie Arora, Terry Mills

Cast and Crew member’s

Kanza Feris, Svetlana Sinipostolova, Jane Trapman, Terry Mills

About Writer

Terry has been in the local Toronto Indie arts, film and music scene for over 25 years. After producing Tightrope Walker, he produced 5 more Short Films. He currently is co-writing a Full-length feature and a TV comedy series with some familiar Hollywood faces.

Kali and Terry soon parted ways after the completion of Tightrope Walker and Terry has not heard from her since.

Film Overview

When a disgraced Doctor and a Murderer both found guilty by “Reason of Insanity” go head to head… What games will unfold in the ultimate struggle for control?

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