To Catch A Killer

Indifare Finalist

Director and Producer Name

Jay Nunez

Cast and crew member’s

Sofia Rojas, Aquile Teague, Cameron Lacey Walters, DJ Perry, Rebecca Moreira, Ted Barnum, Jay Nunez, Chico Stokes, Jasen Lewis, Donte Jeanville, Sarah Kathleen Rosen, Afton Scholes

About Director

Jay Nunez began a career in film in the summer of 2004. His first short film “Caught in the Middle” was completed in the summer of 2006. Since then he has spawned several films linked to his “Caught in the Middle” shared universe. He recently completed season one of the “Caught in the Middle-Anthologies” web series which will debut early in 2021. Winner of the “Best Suspense Short” at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival for “To Catch A Killer” (Oct. 2020) and “Best Crime Thriller Short” at the Silicon Beach Film Festival for “The Last Vendetta” (Nov. 2020). He currently is working on an LGBTQ full feature screenplay.

Film Overview

A serial killer is murdering young girls. One day he grabs the wrong girl. April the daughter of a forensic pathologist has less than 48 hours to be found.

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