Indifare Finalist

Director Name

Margie Galliver and Nigel Galliver

Writer Name

Margaret O’Brien

Producer Name

Margie Galliver and Nigel Galliver

Cast and crew member’s

Reid Porter, AmberRose, Jardine Alexander

About Director

Musician and Producer Nigel Galliver grew up in Surrey, England. As the son of world renowned tenor David Galliver, Nigel spent much of his childhood immersed in the musical environments of orchestras and concert halls.

Moving to South Australia with his family in 1964 Nigel later met his wife Margie and together they worked the Adelaide disco circuit with their rock band Balcony. Later they went on to operate their business Design Works at Somerton Park in SA.

Having been involved in many aspects of art, set design, display, music and film it became their dream to produce a feature film that would inspire audiences. Together Nigel and Margie fulfilled the necessary roles and tasks of directors and producers to produce the movie ‘Atlantis Untold’. As well, Nigel composed and performed the musical score for the movie and Margie (under the nom de plume of Margaret O’Brien) wrote the original screen play. Nigel and Margie hope to continue their dream of producing films in South Australia.

Film Overview

The story of an epic journey by brother and sister Jack and Skye Noble who are forced by circumstances to try to conquer the opposing forces of an inner world.

Descending deeper and deeper into unknown spheres, the two travelers are guided by unexpected forces of light and hindered by relentless forces of darkness, until their struggle brings them to the legendary City of Atlantis.

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