Indifare Finalist

Director Name

Julie Hyde Mew

Writer Name

Julie Hyde Mew, Stevyn Colgan, Lee Farnsworth

Producer Name

Melanie Perry

Cast and crew member’s

Stevyn Colgan, Andrew Smith, Lee Farnsworth, Mimi Harker OBE, Pipp Dadd, Becky Valentine, Justine Hart, Helen Evans, Fraser Camp

About Director

Julie is a British TV producer and journalist who was born and bred in South Africa, where she began her career in radio and television. She specilaised in covering wildlife conservation and environmetal issues for national broadcast, and was also a radio and TV news anchor and presenter. In the UK, she has worked for both BBC World News and Sky News, specialising in foreign news and current affairs, with a special interest in the Middle East and Africa. Julie is a director of The People’s Book Prize, and has interviewed dozens of authors during lockdown to help boost their presence on social media and for use in their PR and marketing endeavours.

Film Overview

Created by a team of volunteers looking for a bit of a laugh during Lockdown, SCOOTCH takes a cheeky look at how Buckinghamshire’s new e–scooter scheme foils the nefarious plans of two hapless middle-aged men.

With everyone wearing masks in public nowadays, robbing a bank (and getting away with it) should be a piece of cake. What could possibly go wrong?

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