Isn’t that obvious?!

Indifare Award Winner

Director Writer and producer

Marcel Flock

Cast and crew member’s

Fred Aaron Blake, Tabea Georgiamo, Sebastian Becker

About Director

Born in 1993 in Leipzig, Germany.
In 2018 he attend Media School and in his free time did a couple of short movies like the famous “Checkmate”, “Lockdown Forever”
,”Not too old to die” and “Don’t Screw it”
Oh and by the way, he worked as an camera trainee at the TV/ Streaming Production “King of Palma”
Next Year, he will do his exam, hopefully good

Film Overview

Aaron Strohberg is a filmmaker and wants to pitch his latest film, Dine and Die, to producer Michael Truffaut.
Aaron’s encounter ends at a bar where he meets Tania Fincher and their encounter changes Aaron’s life forever

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