Indifare Award Winner

Director Writer

Tsumugi Yagi

About Director

(David, Kevin, and Jason Gonzalez) The Gonzalez Triplets are American actors of Mexican descent. They are bilingual and are 3 identical triplets. The brothers are certified black belts in Shorinji-Ryu Karate and have been doing martial arts for 10 plus years. Taking on other disciplines like MMA, Aiki Jujutsu, Boxing, Okinawan kobudō, and Single Sword. The Gonzalez Triplets has appeared in several theatre productions and shorts films. You may have seen them in The Cradle Will Rock, Zorro X2, Shakespeare: Banished, Mr.Burns, Underdog, and Service With A Smile, to name just a few. Their ability to design fight choreography has been recognized by KCACTF Region 8 with the Meritorious Achievement award as Fight Choreographer for Zorro X2 at Cal Poly Pomona. They studied Theatre emphasis in Acting at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, graduating with a Bachelors of Arts in Theatre (Acting). Some of their training include Kristin Linklater Voice, Shakespeare, Anton Chekhov, Stage Combat, Filmmaking, Long and Short Improv, to name just a few. The Gonzalez Triplets love martial arts and are native to Watsonville California, They now live in Pomona California. The Gonzalez Triplets can be reached at gonzalezbrothers831@gmail.com

Film Overview

Aiden, a student who has been bullied for a long time, decides that he has had enough and seeks help in learning how to defend himself. He is trained by 3 identical triplet martial artists and becomes stronger and more confident. With a newfound determination, Aiden plans to get revenge on his bully and put an end to the bullying once and for all. He takes matters into his own hands, fueled by rage and a desire for retribution for the wrongs that have been inflicted upon him.

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