Sinking 2

Indifare Finalist


Joanna, Rubens



Film Overview

Joint works for video creation, application of new technologies for artistic expression media, abstract biological performance and life trajectories of objects, interdependence, conflict, and so all kinds of changes, showing different aspects of the process of thinking and feeling, the music creation transcended “framework melody “and” harmony “, the multi-layered sound turned to sound composed, expressed connotation” Sinking “topic discussion, and as chaos, conflict, deformation and other images, and video creators made through the inner true feelings abstract presentation of the dialogue. After the order “semiotics” as view images, music as a kind of “language”, “Sinking” is through languages and senses, with different symbols, to convey the purpose of integration, thereby enabling the viewer to gain “Sinking” creation and the understanding of the process of dialogue with the self; works both integrity and coherence autologous, but also focus on ideas, content, and more integration-oriented life and generate interaction with other environmental factors . Its theoretical foundation is built on the integration can contain a variety of languages, “semiotics” and “convey” conceptual; established this ability should include visual, auditory, environmental and other languages of the combination and interaction, showing “Sinking” of symbolic message meaningfully communicated to every one appreciators.

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