The Extraterrestrial Highway

Indifare Award Winner

Writer Name

Steve Sorenson

About Writer

Fill the movie theaters with laughs, cheers, tears, nail biters, and screamers.

Graduated from the army film school that was then at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. (1969 for Still Photography & 1972 for Motion Picture.) Afterward, I served as a motion-picture cameraman and still photographer in the United States Army Signal Corps. Some of my most notable military photography assignments were:

1)1969~71 Oakdale, PA. Provided photographic support for the army reserves and the ROTC in the Pittsburgh area.

2) 1971~72 Documenting the armistice meetings in Panmunjom Korea while avoiding capture by North Korean soldiers staring me down.

Film Overview

A Nevadan Indian and her female drinking buddy from twelve-light-years away will neutralize the electricity on the Earth unless all nuclear weapons are immediately dismantled and buried.

SYNOPSIS: The USA and Russia are about to exchange thousands of nukes but are unaware that two female drinking buddies will spoil their plans of nuking the Earth into a burned-out cinder.

Rumored to be Klaatu’s granddaughter, the quarter-human woman is bored with the simple task that the leader of her home planet has assigned her. Instead, she wants peace on the Earth now and done her way.

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