Tiny Little Worlds

Indifare Award Winner

Director Name

Julia Warren

Writer Name

Ben Cannon

Cast and crew member’s

Michelle Alexandra, Jenna Goodwin, Peter Revel-Walsh, Ben Mayer, Luke Cinque-White

About Director

Studied Fine Art at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, before moving to London where she studied directing at Royal Central School of Speech & Drama; currently studying for an MA in Filmmaking at the Raindance Institute in London.

Film Overview

“What happens when a beleaguered Corporate Support Officer realises she can no longer endure the Meeting From Hell.”

Welcome to the exciting, dynamic and infuriating nerve-centre of Future Business Solutions.

In the bland confines of Conference Room 3, weary, bored dogsbody Sam Bridger prepares for another soul-destroying Corporate Vision Conference – testing highlighters on a whiteboard and arranging biscuits on a plate.
The Management Board drift in – all needing Sam’s help to get through the door, as she’s the only one who’s remembered her swipe card.
The meeting descends into irritable sniping and Management Babble, as they desperately try to convince themselves that they know what they’re doing.
Finally, Sam’s mental visions of revenge give way to verbal outrage at their incompetence; her next act leaves them in a bit of an awkward situation…

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